__Christian Mingle__ Rating and Review


The website that we researched, __Christian Mingle__, offers an online space where Christian singles can meet and interact in hopes of finding a love match. Christian singles who are looking for other Christian singles become members of the site so that they can begin to form relationships with each other. Users are able to see how compatible they are with their “matches”, or other users on the site whose compatability matched with theirs via the Compass Matching Test. The site targets Christians who are looking for other Christians in order to form a relationship. This website is a participatory culture in that members may post their thoughts and opinions on message boards, which allows them to interact within the site and with other individuals using the site. Digitising gives __Christian Mingle__ an advantage because in addition to the actual website, there is also a __Twitter__ page, a __Youtube__ channel, and multiple __commercials__ and advertisements that air nationwide.

Christian Mingle's Twitter Page

__Christian Mingle__ is aimed at an audience who identify as religious. There are many other dating websites like __Plenty of Fish__, __Zoosk__, and __eHarmony__; yet, __Christian Mingle__ exclusively targets Christians, which is even made apparent in the website’s name. This is further reinforced by limiting users from writing freely on the site. It seems that almost all of the architectural elements of the site regulate what can and cannot be said by providing users with pre-written choices, which are the only messages they are allowed to send between each other in most instances. These are put in place in order to censor what types of things users may send back and forth. For example, the Spark feature allows one user to send a conversation starter to another user, such as “Complete this sentence: When it comes to drinks, I’m...”. When a user receives this Spark, they may respond back with one of four choices: light beer, hard lemonade, wine or champagne, or the designated driver. Although these may seem like open-ended questions, the provided answers limit what can be said in reply.

In addition, __Christian Mingle__ users agree to allowing their profiles to be public to other users. The site’s privacy policy states that user’s information will not be given to other users, but this seems contradictory. By participating and creating a profile with information about themselves, users are basically allowing other users to see this information and use it to make decisions about whether they would like to talk to this person or not. The site’s policies and terms also include a section about how users’ profiles may be used in advertisements to promote the website. Therefore, as a user, you may want to monitor what you choose to put on your __Christian Mingle__ profile in the case that it is used publicly to benefit the site and its producers.

Although it may seem that __Christian Mingle__ and its producers are exploiting its users by using their information in order to benefit themselves and their company, you may feel differently as a user. Isn’t it a good thing if their use of your private information brings you steps closer to finding your true love? This may be true in some instances, and users may be happy that their needs are met. In other cases, though, you may not be so fortunate in the online dating realm and end up feeling used and as if you put everything into your dating site and got nothing out of it. Therefore, we recommend that you are cautious and thoughtful when using __Christian Mingle__!

We have done an analysis of the convergence of the website, social networking and identity on the site, its virtual geography, privacy, labor, and surveillance on Christian Mingle, which can be found through the links on the left sidebar of this page. Thank you for reading!